Hello DreamForce,

We are coming to you.

But first, let’s do a rewind about last week.

Last week was the busiest week of all time we almost $50,000 in service vendors provided for multiple events.

The first that we have to share now is that one of the hottest startups in San Francisco, Realty Shares used Youcanevent.com to book catering services for their event in December.

On Monday, we had the first Chinese company booking a venue and catering services in Palo Alto.

The feedback was super positive and the outcomes were great.


Also, we ran surprisingly to the PauBox Secure Conference, which we had an event planner that was hired through the platform coordinating and managing the whole event.

You can watch the whole testimonial of Jason Jones here.



Later in the week, was time to “take care a little bit of our company” and we joined the Xoogler meetup on “How to start the next consumer startup” with Ben Rubin from @HouseParty at @Greylock Offices in SF.

Another amazing week full of more victories, losses, more customers, more revenue coming in, and more happy customers and vendors on the #1 community of events and entertainment worldwide.

Youcanevent family,


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