Last week was one of the best weeks that we ever had on building the network for Youcanevent business development.

As seen on Silicon Valley TV Show from HBO, most of the businesses and the connections are built in private parties, and networking events.

Luckily we were invited to attend one of the sharpest and finest private parties in San Francisco promoted by the ArtPoint at de Young Museum.

This organization ArtPoint is a group of young professionals that supports the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco—the de Young and the Legion of Honor—by hosting a year-round program of social and educational events, including exhibition-related lectures, gallery parties, and an annual gala. Proceeds support contemporary initiatives at the Museums.

Also, the event was Co-Sponsored by Alaska Airlines, gathering one of the most influential people from San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


Before joining this amazing event we went to the event promoted by the Aussie Founders Network.

The Aussie Founders Network (AFN) is a member-driven community of Australian founders, investors, and industry advisors. Based out of Silicon Valley, the AFN had its origins in the form of regular Founder Lunches in mid-2015 and was formally founded as a Public Benefit Corporation in August 2016.

As we told you before, events are our favorite ocean to do business, and this gathering became another great opportunity to meet new people.

The most important day of the week was when we met once again Ned Moorfield, Senior Product Manager and Director of Spectrum Program of Eventbrite.

Youcanevent, is currently doing an API integration with Eventbrite where all the Eventbrite users will book the vendors needed for their event (like catering, venues, entertainment etc) and the Youcanevent users will market and sell their tickets for events on

Apart from that, the whole ecosystem of Eventbrite’s HQ it’s amazing.

Tasty food, positive environment, and a universe of events and entertainment to explore.


After Eventbrite was time to meet with our “mother” Stripe.
Youcanevent is a proudly Sripe Atlas Company.

If you would be interested in learning more what is Atlas about shoot us a message or read here.

Stripe became the first institution that helped us set up the whole business in the US, with legal, tax, and financial guidance.

Because Silicon Valley and San Fran, is most made by international founders One.VC is one of the numerous emerging VC firms made by foreign investors.

The mantra of the firm is “investing in early-stage startup founders founded by inevitable immigrant founders”.

Pedro Sorrentino is the co-founder and managing director at ONEVC, a seed-stage firm focused on investing in first and second generation immigrant founders in Silicon Valley. Pedro started his career in VC as an associate at FundersClub. In 18 months, Pedro sourced eleven deals with partnership support, co-investing with SoftTech VC, RedPoint, Andreessen Horowitz, Trinity Ventures, 500 Startups, YC, and others.



To finish another article of “Being an Entrepreneur in the Bay”, we went to an investors event, invited by Andrew Filipek.


Andrew is the Vice Chairman, of  Wedbush Europe.

WEDBUSH, Inc. is a leading financial service and investment firm that provides retail and institutional brokerage, investment banking, equity research, fixed income, clearing, sponsored-access, and execution, private capital, commercial banking, and asset management to individual, institutional and issuing clients. The firm’s largest holding, Wedbush Securities Inc., was founded in 1955 and continues to be one of the largest private investment and securities firm in the U.S. WEDBUSH, Inc. also includes affiliated firms Wedbush Europe SP z.o.o, Wedbush Europe Ltd., Wedbush Capital Partners, Wedbush Opportunity Partners and Lime Brokerage LLC.

With the WSE adoption of the NYSE’s Universal Trading Platform (UTP), Wedbush Europe Ltd. and Wedbush Europe SP zoo have position themselves as niche players on the CEE market by offering the following services:
- Executing transactions for the US Investors on the WSE
- Executing transactions for the Polish investors in US
- Providing research coverage for the WSE listed companies
- Listing Global companies on the WSE
- Assisting Global Companies with accessing the EU Grants to develop an innovative technologies in Poland.
- Organizing two Annual conference on the floor of the WSE: Lice Science on June 02 2015 and Energy and Resources on October 02, 2015 . Please register here to 2015 conferences.

Andrew is one of the most influential eastern Europeans in the Bay Area, and opportunity unlocker for every emerging business.





Thank you so much for reading another article of a life of an Entrepreneur in the Bay Area.

It’s really being an honor to sharing with you all of our victories, losses, learnings, improvements, and growth.

If you’d like to make a specific question about anything feel free to shoot me an email to us both Co-founders, [email protected] or to [email protected]

Youcanevent, Inc. is an online marketplace that aggregates all the vendors and event planners needed for people that wants to organize events.

If you have a friend, team member, or company that’s interested in hosting an event feel free to refer us and we will give you a commission fee.


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