May 5th to 14th.

What a week.

I’m writing down this beautiful week rewind while hearing Gorillaz — ClintEastwood (one of our motivational songs).
Before starting writing this article i would like to ask you this:
- In terms of branding and awareness, do you think that i should write this posts on my personal page @antoniotrincao or you think that is ok to write under the umbrella of our beautiful dream called youcanevent ?

I’m sure that we can do it. In the end of the day, we believe that should be important for other entrepreneurs, customers and community feel Youcanevent team from inside out.

So let’s talk about our first intense, enthusiastic and passionate workshop/office hours with L.P. NEENZ FALEAFINE.
Neenz is an amazing speaker and someone that really believes in people that are fighting for a cause. 
You can check her full story at

Besides her remarkable background one of the biggest accomplishments and curious thing that ever happened was “ One random engagement on Twitter led to a life changing experience. In her first 90-days on Twitter; Neenz followed, met, and began working for best selling author, speaker, venture capitalist, entrepreneur and ultimate chief evangelist; Guy Kawasaki.”

Photo credit: Ken Yeung

“From 2007–2010, Neenz was mentored by Guy and the leadership team at Nononina, Inc., parent company of citizen journalist site Truemors and leading news aggregation site, Alltop. By choice, Neenz has not yet earned a college degree, however she equates her concentrated time with Guy as equivalent to a Bachelor’s and a Master’s!”

So now you can imagine the ammount of experiences and knowledge that this woman must have. Thanks Neenz for all of your advice. From now on we will share with you every step of our journey.

“Life is a celebration and we are here to sing and dance with her” 😉 (usually this is our closing statement/signature, but on this article we are not closing right now. We are just giving our good vibration to this special person)

Moving forward we had the opportunity to meet Jason Sewell, founder of Dev League, Chad Podoski and Martin Zorn.

Martin Zorn & António Trincão — Blue Startups HQ

“Mr Zorn joined Kamakura in January 2011 as Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Named President and COO in July 2013.
Kamakura is the global leader in financial risk management specializing in enterprise wide risk management, modern credit risk technology and risk advisory.”
And not only these 2 remarkable mentors but we had office hours with Veronica Wong from Moon Capital and Edwin Plotts from

We had an intensive meeting with Veronica sharing our story, product and vision. How we will scale de product? How we will ensure quality when booking services from vendors online? What guarantees customers can get by working with us?
That is one of the best things about joining a US Top 20 accelerator program, it’s because you are always practicing and getting your speech sharp and accurate.
Edwin Plotts gave us the deepest insights of growing a startup with the best tools in the market. Of course that you’ve a lot of tools to go, but there are a several number to consider.
Right now for CRM, Sales and Marketing we got the startup package from HubSpot. If anyone needs help or intros to the guys from HubSpot feel free to send me an email for [email protected]
And for social media Hootsuite, not only because de automatic poster (because you’ve thousands of tools in the market that does that) but because they converge several apps that will help you curating content.
Once again if you need help feel free to ask me.

Edwin Plotts Video Call

To finish and because we are on startup paradise, one of the best things to develop here is the team culture.
This last week we have 2 intensive Culture meetings that help us getting even more sharp our path.
Is incredible to watch 7 team members saying almost the same thing in less then 15 mins.
Vision: Being the #1 brand for events and entertainment worldwide.
Mission: Allowing any one in the world do an event, provide services for events or become a talented event planner.
Higher Purpose: Humans celebrating life. The world wide celebration family.
And this beautiful environment allowed us to do this.

Thank you so much, and wait for the next episode.
Life is a celebration and we are REALLY here to sing and dance with her,
Youcanevent team,
António Trincão
Founder & CEO