Last week of the 1st part of the September sales sprint.

What worked out and what didn’t.

This week we worked hard on speeding up the sales process, diminishing the sales cycle, and shorten the CAC, with some automation, high performance and sales intelligence.

First, we launched our referral programs for:

We’ve launched a massive campaign on Instagram for our vendor community and event planner community and the hashtags #eventplanner and #event design.

The results were impressive as you can see in the pictures below.









Also, we had our well-performed post ever with a remarkable engagement for organic marketing.

We must consider that the engaged users were all event agencies or vendors.



Apart from that, we started preparing our first event in San Francisco in the middle of October.

Stay tuned that something big will happen in SF.

To finish the week we had an amazing moment with @Mike Butcher , Editor-At-Large on TechCrunch in Europe.

Mike has been named one of the most influential people in European technology by Wired UK and is a regular broadcaster. He founded the annual Europas Conference & Awards, the charity Techfugees and has been an advisor on tech startups to the British Prime Minister and the Mayor of London.

Great moments, around one of the best venues for happy hours in SF, the ABV.



And that’s it.

Life of entrepreneurs in the Bay, All-speed!










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