Are you having challenges following an event planning process model for your upcoming event?

Do you feel like that there is so much to do but so little time?

We can’t help you slow down time BUT we can definitely provide you with event planning tips to make you feel like it’s more of an even fight.

Event planning and event organizing are challenging endeavors since it requires looking into many aspects at the same time to ensure hosting a memorable, perfect and successful event.

Efficient event planning is even more challenging when you do not have the know-how required for hosting a successful event.

What to do?

For all those facing troubles in planning an event, here’s an event planning checklist to guide you:


Budget is essential in any event planning checklist. There is a need to consider an appropriate overall figure that will cater to all the elements essential to making the event work.  Budgets constantly change due to unforeseeable expenses that come up and also cost-saving opportunities present themselves. So by viewing the budget within a reasonable range, you will always remain on track.


Part of the event planning guide is to make sure that the event has a definite date that you can aim to have everything ready by.  If you know how long you have to organize each aspect of the event, then you can plan a schedule according to this time frame.


Check the YouTube collection of hundreds of videos from event organizers that created events on and find the inspiration needed for your event.


In selecting a venue, you must consider the capacity and then, of course, the safety. Bathrooms are paramount and need to be accessible for guests – make sure that they are in good working order with numbers that are compatible with the expected quantity of people attending.

Be realistic about the venue you settle for, do not just take the first place that you view – shop around and do your homework – you may just find a better deal or a better fit. Getting a venue within the budget and still having a substantial amount left over for everything else that follows is critical.


What type of décor are you going to need to create the effect that suits the event perfectly? Think about how you wish to present the theme.


Does this event require music? If so, what kind of system are you going to need? And what kind of music should you play to assist the mood?


Guests are much happier if there are at the very least snacks and refreshments. The environment may even require a bar and so it may be wise to recruit waiters to serve?


Once everything is decided you can start to inform your guests as to allow them to prepare themselves to participate. It is best to provide ample time for the attendees to fit this into their schedules, book time off work, arrange childcare, etc.

You may wish to create and distribute posters, flyers, personal invitations or online invitations.

Digital and social media is also an effective way of sharing information. You could make a group page on Facebook for example and direct messages to those you wish to invite – this is great for collecting data as there are the three options for those invited to choose from: ‘Going,’ ‘Maybe’ and ‘Can’t go.’



No matter how organized you are, you cannot do everything! The art of management is being able to assign jobs to others, supervise, encourage and coordinate.

You should delegate each task to someone who is capable of doing the job as good as, if not better than, you yourself. Being able to manage that all operations require checking in on each area in intervals and being available to consult if there are ever any issues.


It is important to network and finds the right people or companies for each job. Photographers, caterers, florists, and artists are usually found by word of mouth recommendation or online reviews. Knowing where to go or whom to approach is also an essential event planning tip.  

But let me tell you a secret. We will share with you our ultimate event planning secret to make your event creating experience quick and easy.

Yes! Efficient and easy.

Youcanevent is the FIRST online marketplace where you can visualize your event in Virtual Reality and simultaneously book the vendors needed for your real-world event experience.

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How We Speed Up the Way of Doing an Event:


  1. Shop Around, in One Place.  

Our marketplace is packed with vendors with decades of event experience.

Be ready to price shop. In less than minutes, you can receive proposals from hundreds of high-quality vendors.  Hear everyone’s proposal, check out portfolios and price packages, then be ready to negotiate.

You can request to see past examples by asking to view a portfolio. It is very important to establish trust with whomever you decide to collaborate with and have clear instructions, ensuring that they understand the vision you wish to achieve.



  1. Hassle-Free Payment System

From your Web browser or mobile device, you can pay quickly and easily. In a few short clicks, you can pay for all the things needed for your event–you no longer have to visit multiple websites, send checks in the mail or visit a location in person to make payments.


  1. Visualize the Event in Virtual Reality

This VR feature allows you to plan your event  by letting you see the complete event experience before it happens along with:

  • The Furniture
  • The Lighting
  • The Printing services
  • The Speakers
  • The Entertainers
  • The Catering
  • The Venue
  • The Audiovisuals

We are changing the event planning game and leveraging it to provide you the best solution to your efficient event planning needs. Together we can harness the power of VIrtual Reality to plan events efficiently.

We value our time.

We value your time.

We value time because we know time doesn’t come cheap.

Plan your next events with Youcanevent.


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