October 1st,

End of September check ✓.

September was the real deal for us.

After the Blue Startups Accelerator program in July, we did a 3-month sprint to wrap up the Youcanevent expansion in California, more specifically Bay Area.

As you know, “Being an Entrepreneur” is not easy. Now imagine being an entrepreneur in the Bay Area, the most competitive ecosystem in the world. Now imagine being an entrepreneur in the Bay Area, without being from here, with zero network, all the while being self-funded/bootstrapping.

That was our big challenge. How to scale the startup, onboard new vendors and event planners and get more customers.

Youcanevent plans to become the #1 reference of events and entertainment worldwide, creating a sense of worldwide celebration with a positive attitude towards life always with the ambition of celebrating life.



Last week started in a great way.

Our Co-Founder & CEO did a public presentation at Sofia University in Palo Alto, sharing his experience as an entrepreneur and the journey of Youcanevent.com, connecting the daily standards practiced inside of the company that helps the team maintain a clear mind, and achieve impressive goals.

Feel free to watch his presentation in this video here, and leave your comment:


Our Co-Founder & CEO, Antonio focused a lot on the power of foods, meditation, and holistic wellness as a gateway to drive inspiration, mental clarity and good spiritual balance to keep focused on the company’s growth.

Curiously, right after doing the presentation, Antonio showed us an article published on Forbes with this title:

” What millionaire millennials understand that we don’t (yet)”

The whole article talked about a person that is an expert in holistic wellness.

Meet Sydney Campos, a leading transformation mentor who supports young entrepreneurs with comprehensive holistic wellness, business strategy, and mindset mastery. She’s also a former NYC-agency ad & PR consultant, a certified yoga teacher, a reiki energy healer, and an avid traveler who currently calls Ubud, Bali home base.

I still had the time to meet with one of our best mentors, Alex Iceman, to give a personal and warm happy birthday.

After that it was time to do what we love most.

Surprising our customers, giving them the best event experience, from the first day, until the end of their lives.

Almost 1 month after the she created her event on www.youcanevent.com, Hailey Friedman was surprised at her office at Realty Shares HQ.

Hailey booked furniture and audio-visuals for one of her events here in San Francisco.

The video from the surprise had almost 10,000 views on Facebook and reminded our community of our mission and vision.

Empowering every human being in the world with the tools, resources, and inspiration to create the best event experiences ever.

In addition to that, 2 more events were created on Youcanevent.com, and we made $10,000, hitting the mark of nearly $16,000 in revenue this month.

This is not important because of the financial aspect, but because it is proof that people are choosing Youcanevent.com to plan their events. Even better is the fact that it is happening in one of the best event cities in the world, San Francisco.

Our Instagram community continues to be unstoppable, with unprecedented organic growth.

Also our Facebook page rocked this week, with the video of the surprise to Hailey.

Super intense final week. Feeling of mission accomplished.

October get ready for us!

News coming soon:

  • Event on October 24th

Stay tuned!

“Youcanevent every day”