(the journey of being an entrepreneur on startup Paradise, part II)
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We have to share that we are so happy after receiving so many recommendations and people enjoying our first article documenting the Journey of “Being an entrepreneur on Startup Paradise”.

That gave us more power and inspiration to share our stories with you guys.
Special thanks to Nipun Gupta for supporting us since from the beginning. By the way Nipun Gupta has a podcast project called Veni. Vidi. VC., where Nippy (just for us 🙂 interviews the best of tech and investment around Bay Area and the rest of the U.S.. You should definitely check it out today.

So let’s talk about this super intensive and awesome week.

I will share the talk story that we had with the super energetic founder Hoala Greevy from PauBox.

Hoala Greevy is the boss on the top of the table

Hoala Greevy is the founder & CEO of PauBox — The easiest way to send and receive HIPAA Compliant Email, in other words when you share personal and confidential info with your Doctor, PauBox ensures the best encryption keeping your own e-mail working.

Hoala Greevy

Being an 500 Startups alumni in San Francisco, Hoala Greevy organized a variety of social mixers and charity events to engage with the startups community.

You see? Our higher purpose in action? Having humans celebrating life?

We know that you know 😉

Let’s move forward then we had the chance to get a real productive office hour with Gregory Karelitz from HubSpot. With Gregory Karelitz, we think that finally we’ve found our inbounding tool. Having known about HubSpot, we weren’t 100% convinced by the CRM. However, looking at the bigger picture, CRM + Marketing + Sales with the startup package? Yeah, let’s do it.

Although, just so you know,everything related with Social Media and Content Marketing we will go for the unbeatable Hootsuite.

(by the way, get ready for the revolution of the world wide celebration brand on the social media <> instagram @youcanevent you will see 😉

Gregory Karelitz teaching the class

Now let’s go to the end of the week. 5 de Mayo (this is almost portuguese). I didn’t knew that in United States, we have a day for all the Latino community to celebrate their culture. This is perfect — not only from the side of “celebration” (a thing that we love and believe) but also because all Youcanevent team are Latino. Therefore, we felt like we were at Home, with “spicy” reggaeton playing on the warm weather here in Hawaii.

youcanevent team representing the World Wide Celebration

Antonio Trincão founder & CEO youcanevent having some samba on #cincodemayo #blockparty 🙂

To finish it off, let’s talk about something special.

The talk story that we had with the founder of Blue Startups and #Tetris Company, #Henk Rogers.

It was amazing to hear so many experiences, so many resourceful knowledge such as “knowing when you should ask to your closest directors, to know the best moment that you should sell your company”; as well as the meaning of finding a path or a cause to fight for.

Henk’s biggest vision is to create a backup plan for all humans, by building a home on the Moon and Mars.

With the same ambitions as Elon Musk, he’s leading a Moon Base creation here in Hawaii (read this article here) to ensure that we have a backup plan “in case that we don’t have a solution here on Earth”.

Let me explain the way he did. “For example, given a situation that your developer has been coding for about 1 week, and suddenly he loses all of the work done because a hard drive got burned and he didn’t saved code.

What would you say? You are “stupid” xD. You should have saved the work to a backup.”

Therefore, building a replication of the Moon Base is just a backup. If something goes wrong, we should have an exit ;).

Thanks Henk! We are looking to work with you in the future creating the first party in the Moon! (we are being serious)

Blue Startups family and Henk Rogers profile picture

(now the time that the author speaks x)

Did you enjoy the post? Once again I’m born and raised in Portugal so sometimes my English “lags” a little x), but I am trying to do my best.

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