Have you ever been planning an event and had problems with your suppliers? If your answer is NO, then you can throw the first stone.

For the most part, a majority of the people that became our clients initially came to us after experiencing problems with suppliers. It is an awful feeling when planning an event, and in the last hour or minute, the service that you’ve hired fails you. Sometimes you try to fix the problem with the supplier that failed and you’re wasting precious time, or instead of negotiating you end up searching for a last-minute deal that will save you from the problem, and you only have 24 hours instead of the 72 that you need in order to do that.

But our Last Minute Sales service is something that you can count on to save you both time and money.


So, what is Last Minute Sales?

It is a flexible service that is provided only for the customes of Youcanevent. If you are a customer already, you should know that you can ask us almost anything, and within a day our 24-hour Quick Response service will analyze your request. After that if it can be done, we’ll manage the logistics for you. If the request is something that we consider to be detrimental to the success of your event, we will advise you not to do it, also respecting our Quality Certificate.

If you want to understand the Last Minute Sales better, we will provide you with 2 examples:

1.In December 2016, we planned a Christmas dinner for a Portuguese Company, in the beautiful “Ateneu Comercial do Porto”. On this occasion, the customer told us, with 48 hours left until the event, that they were experiencing difficulties finding a means of dependable, private transportation from the airport.

Since at the time we had recently secured a new partnership with Cabify (a Portuguese Startup), we quickly responded that we would assure that service by “marrying” a new partner to this event.

The proposal was that with this service, guest would receive a 25 to 50% discount when using their promo code, and they would always have a car available to them. This quality service was only possible because we had our Last Minute Sales team ready for the task.


2. For the Primark Braga event, they told us that they wanted a professional video and photography team. For this specific case, we had something that we call “Experiences” ready and through this Last Minute Sales service we quickly had a photo and video crew ready to do the event.

Do you want to see the result of the video? It’s down here ?

Life’s a celebration, let’s enjoy every day!