Hello Eventbriter,

You love to organize, host and plan events right?

But still what is the thing that is missing every time that you want to do an event?

What is the biggest headache for every event organizer?

Finding the vendors needed for your event.

This means, finding the right venue, caterer, photographer and even the entertainer.

According to Forbes the 5 secrets to planning a remarkable event goes towards the question of where to find the right vendors for your event.

Take a look at Laura Mignott’s 3 example secrets:

2. Decide how much money you really have to spend. Yes, everything always costs more than you think it will. If you have a budget in mind, then you know what/where you can actually spend. This goes for big brands and small ones. We once worked with a large technology company that decided it wanted to host happy hours every day because the first one was such a success. We had a feeling that might happen, so luckily we set aside some of the budget for extra happy hour supplies. It’s always smart to order extra food and drink ahead of time so that when the rush comes, you’re prepared.

4. Create the full experience. Remember the time you went to that terrible event? How did you feel when you walked in? Now think of the time you went to an event and it was truly amazing: How did you feel when you entered that event? Notice the difference. The real key to making an event a success is how you make your guests feel when they get there. What does that all mean? The little things count, including a friendly check-in experience and setting up an open bar/offering food (even if it’s coffee and bagels). We’ve built a successful networking event series for five years with inexpensive wine and Swedish Fish candies.

5. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Are you shy? Hire Brand ambassadors who can be warm and friendly to greet people at the event. Hate public speaking? Hire someone to emcee. Introduce people and make sure no one is left in a corner by themselves.”

After reading these topics we can definitely say that the topic 2,4, and 5 are highly connected with the vendors that you’ll choose for your event.

As an example, one of the most booked catering services on Youcanevent.com is GreenBox Catering.

They offer an organic, NON-GMO, cruelty-free catering that is suitable for every guest, with the guarantee that will be something tasty, flavored, and provide an amazing healthy gastronomic experience.

Feel free to discover more about this caterer provider on this article here.

Convinced? Now let’s talk about Eventbrite.

More than 2,000,000 events are organized on Eventbrite.com, and 115,000 Eventbrite organizers using Eventbrite extension for their events with more than 100 extensions built by partners.

Now is the time to support all the Eventbrite organizers with a new partner.


Youcanevent is the first world’s marketplace that aggregates vendors (like caterers, venues, entertainers, decoration, photographers and much more). These are just the example of the vendors needed for your event.

Currently, Youcanevent.com has an official API integration that allows Youcanevent users to publish and market their events on Eventbrite.com, and Eventbrite users will be able to book the vendors needed on Youcanevent.com in a seamless way through the partnership.

In this article, we will share what’s the ideal event set-up for the users that came from Eventbrite and used Youcanevent.com to plan their event experience.


  1. Venue
    Ideally, choose a venue that brings the furniture to avoid any extra costs. Pick a venue that can host between 100 to 300 people. Not small, but not big enough to give the feeling that’s an empty event.
    One of our customers TriNet chose OnePieceWork in San Francisco to host their event.
    You can see the video down below.

    This was the customer feedback after using Youcanevent.com to book their needs for their event posted on Eventbrite.com

    Another great example was Hailey Friedman, another Youcanevent user that came from the Eventbrite community, that used Youcanevent.com to book the audio-visuals and furniture for her event.

    In this case, she opted to choose a different venue. Trumaker clothing store was the space that held one of the BAMF events in San Francisco.

    Feel free to watch a video from the event and her customer testimonial after using Youcanevent.


    Key takeaways: 
    - Choose a venue that can host something between 100 seated -300 up attendees
    - Pick a close location for your targeted audience. For example, if you’re targeting a business networking event, usually downtown areas are the best
    - Select a venue that already brings furniture to avoid additional furniture costs

  2. Food & BeveragesHere is what we consider to be the secret weapon for any successful event.
    So let’s consider this. Every time that you hear the word event, your brain connects with the act of doing a gathering correct?
    A gathering usually has foods, drinks, funny moments, smiles and stories.
    All of that is sparked by the food.
    Food is the unlocker for every successful event. Our data-science team here at Youcanevent.com made an analysis, where the customer and attendee satisfaction was super higher when they had certain food service caterers like GreenBox Catering.Greenbox is a vendor from the Youcanevent.com community and they provide organic, cruelty-free and NON GMO catering, suitable for every attendee.

    That brings a miscellaneous of good feelings for every attendee especially for those that have some food restrictions.

    With this caterer, you have the guarantee that no attendee will complain.

    Watch video footages from the catering service provided by William Kasel the owner of GreenBox catering.

    For the drinks we have 2 recommendations:a) Low budget - Keep it simple. Wine, water, 1 or 2 soda beverages, coconut water, and beer
    b) Medium budget - Add 1 or 2 alcoholic beverage like Vodka or Whisky
    c) Big Budget - Go big on cocktail experiences and add everything else from the low and medium budget optionsIn the event mentioned above, the beverage experience was simple and effective.
    The event organizer booked wine, water, orange juice, vodka, and whiskey.

    The attendees loved it, and the feedback of the bartender herself can be seen here.

3. Photographer & Videographer

If you want to build a community, drive more business, and increase your brand awareness this is a must-have for every event that you organize.
Pictures and videos are the secrets for every successful event brand.
We believe so much on that, that everytime that you create an event through Youcanevent.com we offer you as a gift a videographer that will take pictures and record a video from your event.

You can see a reel from some of the hundreds of the events created on Youcanevent.com during this year, that the customers had their video gift.

Also, this serves to inspire future Eventbrite and Youcanevent users when organizing an event.

All the event organizers can now get inspired by other hundreds of events happening the world, with the best ideas, trends, and experiences.


4. Speaker & Content

This advice goes towards to everyone that wants to build a pro-active community eager to share ideas, opinions, and thoughts about the industry that the event brand is playing in.

We will share some examples of Event brands that used this strategy to drive hundreds of attendees to their events:

a) Badass Marketers and Founders: BAMF invited the best marketers and growth hackers, to come, speak and share their experiences at their events.

b) Branch.io: Branch has a meetup group called Mobile Growth, that brings the best product managers, product designers, developers, data scientists, to their audience.

c) Youcanevent: We brought the TOP5 public speaker by Forbes, Dave Meltzer. The whole event was about how to use events to grow your business and brand.

With a small amount of money, you can bring these speakers to share their expertise. Don’t forget that these speakers are always looking for ways to get more exposure and nurture their fans community. That said when you give them this platform of an amazing event with an audience with no costs for them, turns to be a no-brainer for them.

Dave Meltzer made a live-stream on Entrepreneur Magazine Facebook for more than 3,000,000 people when speaking at the Youcanevent event.

This kind of support and help can be found at Youcanevent.com.

If you feel ready to start your next event you have now this seamless experience between Eventbrite and Youcanevent.com where the 2 brands aligned their efforts to provide the best event experience for event organizers around the world.

Any questions can be made at [email protected]

All the best,