Youcanevent alongside Primark Braga, in their Christmas Party, did a solitary auction.

The auction had a painting that was made on the event. The painter Alexandre Rodrigues painted it together with the 180 employees of Primark Braga.

For this auction, Youcanevent partnered with the online Portuguese Startup esolidar (know more about this here). There were lots of bids and the total amount that was raised for this auction was 60€.

All of the Money that was gathered on the auction, will go for the Portuguese Institution “Operação Nariz Vermelho”. For this specific initiative, the slogan is “Celebrate Life”. Youcanevent believes that when you have a big community that will share your ideas and thoughts, therefore it will be easy to create a sense of mutual help to give more to the solidary institutions.

It is with this type of initiatives, where you can support a social cause, that Youcanevent wants to continue to act and change several corporate events out there.

By planning events with Youcanevent team of experts, you can lower your overall event cost. By doing that you can make more things happen, mainly providing something for the ones that need the most. (Read about our Free Event Consulting)

Youcanevent, underlines, that for 2017, this will be one of the initiatives that they would like to introduce to every client. Don’t forget that the door is always open to everyone that would like to contribute to this solidary idea.

Right now, Youcanevent has offices in Startup Braga and Startup Lisbon. If you want to propose a partnership with Youcanevent please contact the CEO, António Trincão ([email protected]).

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