Literally and figuratively.

We immediately think of New York or Los Angeles as the places to be if you want to attend big concert festivals. While this is true, those are not the only cities you can find awesome music events in America. Home to world famous musicians Jack Johnson, Nicole Scherzinger and Bruno Mars, Hawaii holds some of the best music events that you could ever imagine. Whether it’s because of the pristine sandy beaches or festive hula dance, this island is indeed a breathtakingly tropical paradise that you should visit at least once in life. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a visitor or a local, there is plenty of exciting music scenes to enjoy!

  1. We have a diverse source of local music talents

Honolulu is a progressive hub of all Hawaii Islands, blending the local Hawaii feel with an contemporary hipster urbanites you might find in a city like Los Angeles. It has a vibrant nightlife and great food culture, and it draws talent from within Oahu and neighboring islands. From jazz and blues to EDM, Honolulu is guaranteed to satisfy even the most hard-to-please music fan.

  1. Our music history and culture is rich

People from outside of Hawaii only know about hula dance, but that’s not the only musical work we are proud of. We invented our own music genre, called Jawaiian. Originally evolved from Jamaican culture, reggaes have been embraced and popularized by ethnic Hawaiians in the early 1980s and thus become its own genre. Jawaiian celebrates the beauty of a’ina and So when in Hawaii, do yourself a favor and go to a Jawaiian show!

  1. Our rave scene is popping.

If you are an EDM raver, you will be definitely happy with the EDM scenes in Hawaii because there are EDM festivals almost every other month: Haunted Wonderland, Marshmello, and more, while smaller concerts happen every months or even weeks. Tickets for EDM festivals in Hawaii are often around 60-70 dollars for general entrance which is way more affordable than its mainland counterparts.


  1. We’re blessed by Mother Nature.
                                       Credits to @beachyogagirl

We’re able to hold so many outdoor music events majorly due to our perfect sunny year-round weather which we can enjoy these festivals, at any given months. Celebrating a festive music event with a background of Diamond Head and the blue ocean – what would be better than that? Also, every corner of Hawai’i is Insta-worthy, making it worthwhile for music lovers to come to Hawai’i for an all-inclusive celebration of music and beautiful Instagram photo collections!

  1. We feature famous artists from all around the world.

From the popular Korean boy band Big Bang to Mariah Carey and Chance the Rapper, we’ve got it. Artists love to come to Hawai’i because its distance to the mainland means that they can grow a more exclusive fan base with less competition. With that being said, popular artists’ shows tickets are often sold out in hours. This summer, we’re looking forward to see Kaskade, Kehlani, Snakehips, Tritonal, and many more!

(Also, artists enjoy the nature like us too, so a mixed business-and-pleasure trip is always nice to have.)


Here are the hottest summer festivals happening in Hawai’i that you should attend: