Like everything in life, every story has her end.

The chapter in Honolulu was closed last week, after 3 months of an intense and amazing Accelerator Program on Blue Startups.

Now it’s time to close the program with the Capstone week in San Francisco, with a Demo day showcase held at 500 Startups.

Last week started all speed.

I think that I’ve shared with you already that, one of the things that we care more on Youcanevent, Inc. is being surrounded by wise and experienced mentors.

Matt Johnston thank you so much for advising us and being supportive in this journey.

Antonio, Al, Kelsey and Matt

Through Matt’s connections we had a morning meeting on Monday with CMO.LA discussing growth and investment strategy.

Meeting at CMO.LA

CMO.LA is one of the references of LA’s entrepreneurship, and it helped several entrepreneurs and startups growing to SERIES A and SERIES B stages.

After this meeting we rap up to another one. This time with @Sports1Marketing a leading Marketing Agency for Sports Entertainment Industry founded by @DaveMeltzer and @WarrenMoon (Football Hall Of Fame inductee).

Working in our industry Sports1, brings to the table various opportunities and connections to grow our business.

Also Sports1 is opening an accelerator program in San Diego, to launch companies focusing on the Entertainment industry, so if anyone here is looking for this kind of opportunity feel free to reach me.

@Sports1Marketing HQ

After this intensive day we had an amazing dinner with our Mentor’s family.

Matt’s Family and Antonio

Beautiful California sky… Good vibrations, great talks, all about entrepreneurship and dream big.

Is amazing when you’re sharing your journey with a family that haves the same values, ambitions and believes in the project the same way you do…

Definitely an example for everyone that wants to have the best of the 2 worlds. Someone that wants to have a lovely family, cohesive and united.

(by the way thank you so much for the Dinner Miss Johnston was amazing)

Last morning breakfast with the gang.

Fire’s House Breakfast bar.

After this first day in Los Angeles was time to meet another friend in Long Beach.

Antonio Trincao CEO, and Alysson Souza CTO, Youcanevent, Inc.

Time to meet Elaine Brackin. Elaine is an amazing song writer and singer.

Elaine is one of our Mentors as well, and gives us a lot of support in terms of logistics and traveling advising (now you’re wondering what that means? xp is not supposed for you to understand, but I guarantee you that the help that she give to us, is really important).

Antonio Trincao, Elaine Brackin and Alysson Souza.

With a little space to return to one my favorites spots in the world. Santa Monica & Venice, California.

Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach

In the night of course we had an amazing dinner, cooked by Elaine’s boyfriend Remy Zambrota, where I learn how to do cook healthy pizzas with Ezekiel bread. Super cool!

Antonio, Alysson, Remy and Elaine

Next day, Wednesday. Time to fly to the final destination. San Jose California.

But no… Flight canceled. Re-route to Oakland.

I don’t know why but my journey here in the US this time, I don’t have any lucky with flights. But yeah, in the end we made it.

Back to San Jose, back to my “mother of California” Olivia Martins.

Olivia hosted us already 2 years ago, when we came for the first time to the US US. This time is different we will stay longer with the objective of opening our HQ in the Bay.

Antonio Trincao & Olivia Martins

Time to meet some old friends & mentors. Afonso was one of the very first person, that we reached out to get advising in the entrepreneurship world.

I think that was like in first month when we started our Journey in Feb 2015.

Now was time to meet him in the Valley, and see some spots around.

Antonio, Alysson and Afonso

To close this amazing week, of course that we would have to go to an event, and learn more, improve more and grow more.

And what is the best group for that here in the bay?

San Francisco Badass Marketeers & Founders, featuring Kristina Wallender VP of Marketing Ticketfly/Pandora.

Amazing insights, especially sharing the importance of using your brand as a strategic advantage for marketing approaches and differentiation.

The Temple Club, BAMF event.

First week in Cali. Hello to Los Angeles, Some winks to San Francisco.

Next week all speed for the Blue Startups Cohort 9 Demo day in San Francisco.

Let’s do it!!

I can event

We can event,


Antonio Trincao

Co-founder & CEO