Interviewing Youcanevent UX/UI Designer, Thiago Martins

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing the Youcanevent UX/UI Designer Thiago Martins.

Thiago is a talented brazilian Designer developed almost 100 design projects, currently working full-time on Youcanevent, Inc.

As you know, the interviewer is referred as [Y] and the interviewed is referred as “Thiago”.

We usually do this kind of interviews not only to share our team members story and vision, but also to give inspiration for other startup teams of how they can handle their team.

[Y]. Who is Thiago Martins?

“Thiago”: Is a funny and serious guy, and when possible I love to help people. Also I enjoy the simple things about life.

[Y]. Where are you from?

“Thiago”: I’m from Maringá, Brazil.

[Y]. If you had to sell Brazil to someone how would you do it?

“Thiago”: The joy and empathy of the Brazilian people.

[Y]. What are your favorite hobbies?

“Thiago”: Meet new places, playing guitar, enjoy the free time discovering unexpected things and 90s video-games.

[Y]. What is your background?

“Thiago”: Degree in Web-design and PhD on Digital Experience Design. Also under my responsibility I made more than 100 design projects.

[Y]. What is the most exciting thing that you find on

“Thiago”: Today doesn’t exist nothing similar to our product. So I want to create a product that enhances new behaviors in the people lives with the objective of simplifying their event organization process.

[Y]. If you had to create innovation on Youcanevent Design how would you do it?

“Thiago”: Creating a festival with physical multiple events, where our users could actually see with their own eyes which type of events can be made on Youcanevent platform. Something like going to a fair visiting booths, but on this situation seeing events.

[Y]. What is the perfect office ecosystem for you?

“Thiago”: An area, or place where we have art and illustration on the walls, comfortable sofas and cozy/vintage furniture always supported with a nice bar. Flexible working time, to enhance the creativity, with solid deadlines.

[Y]. Best thing that someone can say to a Designer?

“Thiago”: Doesn’t need any change. It’s perfect.

[Y]. Recommendation for anyone that wants to be a Designer?

“Thiago”: Having the capability of seeing things from other angles. Seeing the same thing but with different perspectives. Having patience. Know how to deal with criticism.

[Y]. What means for you the World Wide Celebration vision?

“Thiago”: The capability of celebrating the simplest moment of life and make that moment eternal.

Thank you so much,

See you on the next team member interview or any other of celebration content.

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