You can event


Event assistants help event organizers, sharing
the purpose of wonderful event experiences,
through amazing pictures and videos.

Life is a celebration.

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Privacy matters
Exceptional content

All the content captured through the event
experience is private and shared only with the
event organizer.

If approved the content may be shared through
the Youcanevent community feed to connect
with like-minded members, and social sharing.

How the content
is recorded

The pictures and video footages made during
the event experiences are captured with the
lenses of smartphones.

Mobile means in real time, and we want to
capture the raw and real moments from these
event experiences.

60 FPS on camera settings
Plain video footages with still framing
Pictures of speaking panels
Pictures of networking

Handle your device horizontaly
Move slowly to the right or left for plain video footages
Pictures of speaking panels
Pictures of networking

Still video footages

Up and down video footages

Left and right video footages

Length of each video footage, paired with your favorite music

Always count even tempos.

4 seconds, 8 seconds, 12 seconds, 16 seconds.

The video footages are synced with celebrative songs from your favorite artists that later convert into a very happy, joyful, and exciting piece of content perfect for social sharing.

Pictures that
capture moments.

Unleash your creative side, and capture the most creative pictures from the event experience. Ideally you’d take pictures to booths, speaking sessions, fire-side chats, and networking.

We cheer you.

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